Secil services

The Secil Group has a set of services in different geographies dedicated to assisting our customers in the different phases of their projects.


  • Innovative solutions

    Through the Cement Application Development Center (CDAC) we provide quality and reference services to support our customers in the use and application of our products. We work on solving associated technical problems and developing innovative solutions that enhance the products and respective markets.
  • Technical follow-up and laboratory services

    The Secil Group, through the Quality Laboratory and the Environment Laboratory, carries out the diagnosis of problems and critical analysis, as well as the tests and experiments that are necessary to find the most suitable solutions for our customers. With our Prescription team, we accompany the work of architects, suggesting the best solutions for their projects.
  • Logistic service

    We provide a broad transport network, land and sea, which moves cement and other construction materials from Secil’s factories and warehouses directly to our customers or to their work sites.
  • Documentation and customer support

    Through the Documentation Center we provide technical sheets, manuals, application diagrams, among other documents, that can help our customers in the daily challenges of building a work. In addition, there are helplines to clarify any doubts. Contact us or visit the service pages for each of our geographies to find out more.
  • Waste treatment

    Through AVE we present technologically more advanced, environmentally more sustainable and economically more competitive solutions for waste that can be co-processed by Portuguese cement industry units.