Construction Materials


Cement has numerous uses. The best known is ready-mixed concrete for civil engineering structures or grey, white or coloured architectural concrete. This material, which consists of water, cement and aggregates, is essential in the seismic reinforcement of building foundations and structures.


Industrial aggregates are raw materials for the construction of other materials. They have a strong influence on the quality and behavior of the final products. In the architectural concretes, the aggregates have a visual impact that can assume a great relevance. Secil Britas extracts and markets aggregates of limestone and granite, certified for many construction uses.


Secil also produces pre-mixed, dry mortars. The mixture of cement, lime, sand and other additives is used to settle materials and to waterproof, homogenize and finish surfaces (plasters, wall coverings, light fillers, heat insulation and hydraulic lime) either in new builds or in the renovation and rehabilitation of existing buildings.

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