Outão Quality Laboratory (LQLO)


The main function of the Quality Laboratory (LQLO), based at the SECIL plant in Outão is to support the production process with quality control plans, and its activity fully covers two areas:

Characterization of cement and their constituents

Evaluation of compliance in accordance with standard NP EN 197-1 and other chemical and physical tests of complementary characterization.

Characterization of fuels

Liquid and solid fuels (fossil or alternative) characterization tests.

List of Accredited tests
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Technical Annex
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In addition to the internal characterization of cements and fuels, the LQLO also provides laboratory services to other entities that request them, in its areas of expertise and in compliance with the regulatory requirements and with the NP EN ISO/IEC 17025 and NP EN ISO 9001 standards.

The Services table shows all the tests conducted at LQLO and the general conditions for performing these services:

Table of Services
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Requests for testing should be directed to the Head of the Laboratory (lqlo@secil.pt), preferably using the form:

Tests Request
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If you wish to file a complaint, you can use the following form:

Submission of Complaint
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Policy Statement

In addition to SECIL’s Quality Policy, for laboratories with accredited testing, the Executive Committee establishes the following commitment:

To be internally and externally recognized for its good professional practice and the quality of its testing and services.

To this end it undertakes to comply with the requirements of NP EN ISO / IEC 17025, by disclosing them to all personnel involved and raising their awareness of the need for strict compliance with the associated documentation.

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