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The aim of the Secil Group is to supply high quality solutions and services in the area of cement and building materials (concrete, aggregates, mortar and prefabricated structures), combining cost-effectiveness with an exemplary social and environmental behaviour.

Secil relies on the support of its laboratories to ensure improved working conditions for its employees and the increased environmental performance of its companies, the development of new cement products and the characterisation of cements and fuels, also making its services available to external organisations.


Secil’s main activity is the production of cement and the development of applications for this product of excellence, which is currently man’s most widely construction material, and the most important in any building work, from the simplest to the grandest and most complex.

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Construction Materials

Cement has numerous uses. The best known is ready-mixed concrete for civil engineering structures or grey, white or coloured architectural concrete. This material, which consists of water, cement and aggregates, is essential in the seismic reinforcement of building foundations and structures.

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Technical Assistance

Secil, through the Cement Applications Development Centre, Quality Laboratory and Environment Laboratory, is ready to diagnose problems, provide critical analysis and conduct the tests and experiments needed to find the most appropriate solutions to any case.

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