Baixo Sabor Hydro Plant
Domingos Silva Matos
Torre de Moncorvo

Further Information

The Secil Civil Engineering Award 2014 was awarded by Secil and the Order of Engineers to the Baixo Sabor Hydro Plant Every two years, the award – recognized as Portugal’s most prestigious civil engineering prize – recognizes the most significant project in the area.

The Baixo Sabor Hydro Plant was built by an EDP Produção multidisciplinary engineering team, coordinated by the Engineer Domingos Silva Matos. This project was unanimously recognized by the Secil Award Jury, chaired by António Campos Matos.

Secil instituted the award in 1992 and it is now recognized as the most prestigious Civil Engineering prize in Portugal. Its aim is to foster and promote public recognition of the designers of solutions that have been applied in practice and that represent significant elements of the enrichment of civil engineering and that are recognized for their appropriate use of cement, a material whose production is Secil’s main area of business.

The Baixo Sabor Hydro Plant is located in Torre de Moncorvo municipality and also covers the districts of Alfândega da Fé, Mogadouro and Macedo de Cavaleiros. It has an installed capacity of 189 MW and is built on two levels, the upstream section in Baixo Sabor and the downstream section in Feiticeiro. The upstream step, with a 123 metre dam (the second highest in the country), creates a reservoir with a capacity of 1095 hm3, which is also the second largest in the country.

The Main Contractor was EDP Produção, with construction carried out by the Baixo Sabor ACE (consortium), whose members were Odbrecht – Bento Pedroso Construções, SA and Lena Construções, SA, with the supervision of the work managed by Consulgal – Consultores de Engenharia, SA.

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