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Civil Engineering Prize 2005 awarded to the Braga Stadium
Engineer Rui Furtado – AFAconsult

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Secil – Companhia Geral de Cal e Cimento, S.A. and the Engineers’ Association awarded the Secil Civil Engineering Prize 2005 to the Braga Municipal Stadium, whose structural design was by Rui Furtado, who led the team from AFAconsult.

The structural design of the stadium, which took more than 50,000 hours of work exclusively on the civil engineering side, is characterised by the innovative technical solutions developed, the technology employed, especially at the level of tests and roofing, and the rigorous planning for the execution of the works on site.

According to Rui Furtado, “It is rewarding to get to the end of the work and find that to talk about the stadium structure is also the talk about its architecture, and that to explain its architecture is to tell the story of the problems the engineers had to face“. It is a source of pride for Mr Furtado, all the more so because the stadium project was named as a national candidate for two international awards in the field of engineering – the FIB Awards (Federation Internationale du Béton) and IABSE (International Association for Bridges and Structural Engineering).

Remember that the Braga Municipal Stadium was honoured in 2004 with the Secil Architecture Prize, for the design by Architect Eduardo Souto de Moura. It is the first time the same work is the recipient in both categories in the Secil Award, highlighting its complexity and excellence.

Rui Furtado was born in Porto in January 1959, and graduated in 1982 from the Faculty of Engineering of the University of Porto in the Structures option.

He began his career that same year in a design company associated with an industrial group, where he had his first contacts with structural design and building site supervision.

In 1985, he and António Adão da Fonseca founded AFA – Consultores de Engenharia Civil, Lda., combining the management of structural projects and the supervision of works with teaching in the Faculty of Engineering at the University of Porto. The need to devote himself entirely to intense professional activity led him to abandon academic life after 3 years as an Assistant Lecturer.

Since then, first with AFA, later with AFAssociados and currently with AFAconsult, he has combined CEO functions with the Coordination and Management of Projects.

At a time when buildings involve increasingly complex systems, he cultivates a wide-ranging view of projects, always from the perspective of exploring the potential of multidisciplinarity and interdisciplinarity as the great contribution of Engineering.

Combining his structuralist training with a special taste for architecture, he sees the pursuit of a successful integration of all construction components as the basis for the most exciting stage of a project – the design.

He has led many of the projects for AFA, AFAssociados and AFAconsult, including the Braga Municipal Staudium, Casa da Música, the Vodafone Headquarters (2nd place in the Secil Civil Engineering Prize 2003) and more recently, the Estoril Sol Residential Complex.

A project of the size and magnitude of the Braga Municipal Stadium was the work of a team of people from AFAconsult, a company with offices in Porto and Lisbon, which had its genesis in AFA – Consultores de Engenharia Civil, Lda.

The result of various internal restructuring processes that took place during its twenty years of existence, the Design and Supervision activities were separated in terms of operational management. Design became the responsibility of AFAssociados, currently AFAconsult, and Management and Supervision of Works was taken care of by AFAplan.

While maintaining its structuralist roots, the company has over the years explored and developed internal strengths in other areas of engineering, particularly the areas of Hydraulic Engineering, Communication Links, Mechanical Engineering, Electrical and Telecommunications Engineering and Acoustics engineering, and it has 70 employees, including 45 engineers.

Its activity extends from public works to private works, especially bridges, viaducts and large public buildings, and it also undertakes projects in the fields of rehabilitation, technical expertise and consultancy in different areas of engineering.

Key Projects

– 1994/95 – Viacatarina Shopping, Porto, BDP – Building Design Partnership.

– 1997/98 – Water Pavilion at Expo´1998, Lisbon – architect Alexandre Burmester – 2003 – Reconstruction of Parque da Cidade, Porto

– 1999/2003 – Portugal Pavilion at Expo´2000, Hannover – architect Álvaro Siza, architect Eduardo Souto de Moura with ARUP – 2003 – Reconstruction of Parque Verde, Coimbra

– 1999/2003 – Restaurante Sul, Marginal Matosinhos Sul – architect Eduardo Souto de Moura

– 1999/2003 – Swimming Pool, Marginal Matosinhos Sul – architect Eduardo Souto de Moura.

– 1999/2003 – Braga Municipal Stadium – architect Eduardo Souto de Moura.

– 1999/2005 – Casa da Música – architect Rem Koolhaas with ARUP.

– 2000/2001 – Cape Verde Bank headquarters building, Cidade da Praia – architect Álvaro Siza.

– 2000/2002 – Vodafone Headquarters, Parque das Nações – architect Alexandre Burmester.

– 2003 – Toll Booths on A2, Messines – architect Manuel Aires Mateus, architect Francisco Aires Mateus.

– 2003/2004 – Trindade Station support building, Porto – architect Eduardo Souto de Moura.

– 2003/2005 – 6 Pedestrian Bridges in Leiria – MVRDV.

– 2003/Present – Refurbishment of the São Francisco Convent in Coimbra as a Convention Centre – architect João Luís Carrilho da Graça.

– 2003/Present – Empreendimento BURGO, Av. Boavista, Porto – architect Eduardo Souto de Moura

– 2003/Present – Estoril Sol Residential Complex, Cascais – architect Gonçalo Byrne.

– 2004 – Sculpture in Praça Cidade Salvador, Matosinhos – Janet Echelman

– 2004/2005 – INAPAL factory premises, Palmela – architect Francisco Viera de Campos

– 2004/Present – Residential and Commercial building in Largo do Rato, Lisbon – architect Manuel Aires Mateus, architect Frederico Valsassina

– 2004/Present – Caldas da Rainha Multipurpose Complex – architect Eduardo Souto de Moura

– 2004/Present – Bragança Centre of Contemporary Art – architect Eduardo Souto de Moura

– 2004/Present – Ingote Civic Centre, Coimbra – architect João Luís Carrilho da Graça

– 2005 – Cultural Centre and Residential building in Lisbon – SGAL – architect Álvaro Siza, architect Rogério Cavaca

– 2005 – Serpentine Gallery Summer Pavilion 2005, London – architect Álvaro Siza, architect Eduardo Souto de Moura

P.S. – The dates indicate the start and finish of the projects.

International Competitions

– 2003 – “Nápoli Afragola” High Speed Railway Station, Naples, architect Manuel Aires Mateus.

– 2003 – Forlanini City Park, Milan, architect Gonçalo Byrne PROAP.

– 2003 – Cairo Museum, architect Manuel Aires Mateus.

– 2003 – Novartis Campus Basel SJ 157 – Visitors’ Centre and Office Building, Switzerland, architect Eduardo Souto de Moura.

– 2005 – Zurich Forum – New Congress Centre and Hotel, Zurich, architect Eduardo Souto de Moura.

– 2005 – Hotel and Congress Centre, Palma de Maiorca, architect Eduardo Souto de Moura



Architecture: Souto Moura – Arquitectos, Lda. – Eduardo Souto de Moura; Carlo Nozza

– General Design: Ricardo Meri, Enrique Penichet, Atsushi Hoshima, Diego Setien, Carmo Correia, Luísa Rosas, Jorge Domingues, Ricardo Rosa Santos, José Carlos Mariano, João Lima

– Landscape Design: Daniel Monteiro

– Consultants: Arup Associated – Dipesh Patel (Stadium Programme)

Engineering: AFAssociados – Projetos de Engenharia, S.A.

– Coordination: Rui Furtado, Carlos Quinaz, Renato Bastos, Pedro Moás, Rui Oliveira

– Structures: Rodrigo Andrade e Castro, Pedro Pacheco, Miguel Paula Rocha, António André, João Dores, Sérgio Vale, Nuno Neves, Rafael Gonçalves, Andreia Delfim, Miguel Braga, João Coutinho, António Monteiro

– Hydraulic Installations: Maria Elisa Parente, Joana Neves

– Electrical Installations: António José Rodrigues Gomes, António Ferreira, Luís Fernandes (RGA)

– Mechanical Installations: José Silva Teixeira, Tiago Fernandes (RGA)

– Safety: Christian Aoustin (Gerisco)

– Excavation: Estevão Santana, João Burmester

– Road layout and
: Estevão Santana, João Burmester; António Silva Cardoso (Geotecnia); Cêgê (Geotecnia); Ove Arup & Partners – Andrew Alisop / Andrew Minson (Estudo do Vento)

– Consultants: António Silva Cardoso (Geotechnics); CÊGÊ (Geotechnics); OVE ARUP & PARTNERS – Andrew Alisop/Andrew Minson (Wind study); RWDI – Mark Hunter/Michael Soligo (Rigid model testing); DMI – Danish Maritim Institut – Aage Damsghaard (Aeroelastic model testing); Instituto Construção da FEUP – Elsa Caetano (Dynamics)

– Final cable design Roof: Tensoteci – Massimo Marini, Massimo Majowietcki

Soares da Costa, S.A. – Luís Afonso, Diogo Santos


BRAGA CITY COUNCIL – DOMSU – Manuel Afonso Basto, Carlos Amaral, Luís Almeida, Filipe Vaz, Eduardo Leite, Paula Pereira, Cidália Rodrigues, Márcia Rodrigues, J. Rodrigues


– General excavation: Aurélio Martins Sobreiro, Adérito Faneca

– Containment: ACE – Assoc. / Tecnasol – Mário Duarte, João Falcão

– Structures, Installations,
Finishes and
External Spaces:
ACE – Assoc. / Soares da Costa, S.A. – Lionel Correia, Jorge Oliveira, Mário Duarte, Mário Pereira, Santos Costa

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