Rehabilitation of Francisco de Arruda Primary School
José Neves

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The Jury of the Secil Architecture Prize 2012, chaired by the architect Manuel Graça Dias, recognized the Rehabilitation of Francisco de Arruda Primary School in Lisbon by José Neves, out of a group of 21 works of exemplary quality architecture.

If you don’t have a village, my son, you need to go and find one! A child cannot live without having a village”. This saying of João dos Santos was the major inspiration for the project. The existing buildings were recovered and were approached as though they had been built at different times, making it a little like a town. The project is continuing smoothly in this vein.

The central courtyard design was completed with a block offering an extensive gallery for meeting and chatting as a new school entrance, with the library on the ground floor and the laboratories on the upper floor. The school’s changing rooms are built under the old courtyard of the caravelas.

The original main lobby, which was never used, is now a small hall designed as a garden pavilion.

In the outdoor areas, the continuity of the vegetation of the Tapada is emphasized by new plantings to highlight the overall feel of a public park.

The refurbishment and modernization of the Francisco de Arruda Primary School (original work by Antonio Pedroso, 1953), promoted by the Parque Escolar, were managed by the consortium Aníbal Oliveira Cristina, Lda./ Martifer – Construções Metalomecânicas, S.A.

José Neves was born in Lisbon on 27 December 1963. He graduated in Architecture from the Faculty of Architecture of the Technical University of Lisbon in 1986. He worked for the architects Duarte Cabral de Mello and Maria Manuel Godinho de Almeida between 1986 and 1990. He participated in several projects with architect Vitor Figueiredo.

Between 1988 and 2012 he worked as an Assistant and Visiting Lecturer at D.A./U.L. (1990-1991), D.A./U.A.L. (1998-2000) and at F.A.U.T.L. (1988-2012). He is currently preparing his doctoral thesis, entitled “Architecture as a work of continuity: Reflections from project practice”.

He opened his own studio in 1991. The Casa do Moinho (1st prize in architecture from Torres Vedras Local Authority 1996-2001), the C6 Building, the Alameda of the Faculty of Sciences, University of Lisbon (1st place in open competition with the architect Francisco Freire), the Marquesa de Alorna school, the Francisco de Arruda school in Lisbon and the Carnival Arts Centre (1st place in public competition) are just some of his works.

He has also won prizes in other competitions for public works and for the Faculty of Architecture of the University of Minho, the Almada Mercado de Levante and the Vice-Chancellor’s Suite of the Technical University of Lisbon.

Designation: Escola Básica Francisco de Arruda

Location: Ajuda, Lisbon

Date of construction: 2009-2010

Project date: 2008-2009

Project Office: José Simões Neves, Gabinete de Arquitetura, Lda.

Architect: José Neves

Collaborators: Ana Belo, André Matos, Filipe Cameira, Martim Enes Dias, Nuno Florêncio, Rui Sousa Pinto, Steven Evans, Vítor Quaresma; João Pernão, Maria Capelo (consultores de cor)

Specialized projects:

  • Landscaping architecture: F|C – Catarina Assis Pacheco e Filipa Cardoso de Menezes, Landscaping architects;
  • Foundations and Structures: BETAR – Miguel Villar, engineer;
  • Electrical installations: SM & LM – António Lacerda Moreira, engineer;
  • HVAC installations: PEN – Luís Andrade, engineer;
  • Fire Safety Facilities: António Portugal, architect;
  • Water and sewerage networks: BETAR – Maria do Carmo Vieira, engineer;
  • Gas network: Augusto Teixeira, engineer;
  • Health and Safety: Luís Milreu, architect;
  • Solid Waste: LAQRE – Ana Castro and Teresa Poças, engineers;
  • Energy certification: NATURAL WORKS – Guilherme Carrilho da Graça, engineer;

Acoustic insulation: CERTIPROJECTO – António Dias, engineer.

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