Paula Rego Casa das Histórias
Eduardo Souto de Moura

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The Jury of the Secil Architecture Prize 2010 recognized the Paula Rego Casa das Histórias from a group of 16 finalist works of exemplary architectural quality. The building was designed to take account of the existing basic elements: the terrain and trees. The two pyramidal structures, conspicuous in the work, are inspired by a detail of one of the houses in the village, designed by the architect Raul Lino. The natural environment helped with the decision on the external material, red pigmented concrete, providing a contrast with the green of the forest.

“It’s never excessive to juxtapose the abstract and totally artificial reality of contemporary art with the everyday harsh reality around us” explains the architect.

Eduardo Souto de Moura was keen to ensure that each exhibition room always looked out over the garden “so that the building was not a neutral sum of boxes, I established a hierarchy, using two large pyramids in the entrance area, the bookshop and the cafe”, he said.

The inside of the Paula Rego Casa das Histórias consists of about 750m2 of permanent and temporary exhibition spaces, cafeteria, shop, bookshop and a 200-seat auditorium.

The Casa das Histórias hosts a significant collection of the graphic art of Paula Rego and some works by her husband, Victor Willing, the late artist and art critic. Paula Rego’s wish for this project was to combine the functional requirements of a museum with a warm welcome for visitors.

The architect Eduardo Souto de Moura needs no introduction. He previously won the Secil Architecture Prize with the Braga Stadium in 2004 and the Casa das Artes in Porto, 1992. Recently he was awarded the Pritzker Prize, considered the Nobel Prize for architecture.

1952 – Eduardo Souto Moura was born in Porto (Portugal) on 25 July.

1974-1979 – He worked for the architect Álvaro Siza Vieira.

1980 – He graduated in Architecture at the Graduate School of Fine Arts, Porto.

1980 – He started working as a freelance architect.

1981 – He started work as an Assistant on the FAUP Architecture Course.

1988 – Visiting Lecturer at the Faculty of Architecture, Paris-Belleville.

1989 – Visiting Lecturer at the Harvard and Dublin Schools of Architecture.

1990 – 1991 – Visiting Lecturer at the Zurich ETH.

1994 – Visiting Lecturer at the Lausanne School of Architecture.


1980 – António de Almeida Foundation Prize.

1981 – 1st Prize in the competition for the S.E.C. Cultural Centre, Porto.

1982 – 1st Prize in the competition for the restructuring of the Praça Giraldo, Évora.

1984 – Antero de Quental Foundation Prize.

1986 – 1st Prize in the competition for the C.I.A.C. pavilions.

1987 – 1st Prize in the competition for a hotel in Salzburg.

1990 – 1st Prize in the “IN/ARCH 1990 for Sicily” competition

1992 – SECIL Architecture Prize.
1st Prize for Construction of the Auditorium and Children’s Library of the Porto Public Library.

1993 – 2nd Prize in the “Architecture in Stone” competition

– Secil Architecture Award – Honourable Mention for the Casa de Miramar.

– National Architecture Prizes – Honourable Mention for the S.EC. Cultural Centre and the House in Alcanena.

1995 – Architecture in Stone International Prize for the House in Braga, Verona Fair.

1996 – Annual Award of the Portuguese Section of the International Art Critics Association.

– Nominated for the Pabellón Mies van der Rohe European Architecture Prize, for the projects:

1990 – “Casa das Artes”, Cultural Centre for the S.E.C., Porto.

1992 – House in Alcanena.

1994 – Department of Geosciences of the University of Aveiro.

1996 – Residential Block, Rua do Teatro, Porto.

1998 – Pousada de Santa Maria do Bouro.

2000 – Patio Houses, Matosinhos.

2002 – “Manoel de Oliveira” Cinema House, Porto

1998 – Finalist in the IBERFAD Prize with the Pousada de Santa Maria do Bouro.

– 1st Prize in the 1st IberoAmerican Biennial with Pousada de Santa Maria do Bouro.

– Pessoa/98 Prize.

1999 – Honourable Mention “Architecture in Stone” for the Pousada de Santa Maria do Bouro

– Opinião Prize, FAD Prizes, Silo Cultural Prize in NorteShopping.

2001 – Heinrich-Tessenow-Medal in Gold Prize.

2002 – Finalist in the III Iberoamerican Architecture and Civil Engineering Biennial, Patio Houses, Matosinhos.

2003 – Honourable Mention “Architecture in Stone” for the Faixa Marginal project, Matosinhos Sul

2004 – Finalist in the FAD Architecture and Interior Design Awards 2004, with the project “2 houses in Ponte de Lima”.

– Jury Prize in FAD Architecture and Interior Design Awards 2004.

2004 – Secil Architecture Award – Braga Municipal Stadium

Main projects

1980/84 – Braga Municipal Market.

1981/91 – “Casa das Artes”, Cultural Centre for the S.E.C.

1982/85 – House 1 in Nevogilde, Porto.

1983/88 – House 2 in Nevogilde, Porto.

1984/89 – House at Quinta do Lago, Almansil, Algarve.

1985 – “Dell’ Accademia” Bridge, Venice Biennale, Venice.

1986/88 – Annexes for a residence at Rua da Vilarinha, Porto.

1987/92 – House in Alcanena, Torres Novas.

1987/89 – Hotel in Salzburg (1987 competition; 1989 project).

1987 – Detailed plan for the “Porta dei Colli”, Palermo (Milan Triennale).

1987/91 – House 1 in Miramar, Vila Nova de Gaia.

1987/94 – House in Av. da Boavista, Porto.

1988 – Detailed plan and Equipment for the “Mondello”, Palermo.

1989/97 – Conversion of the Convent of Santa Maria do Bouro in a Pousada, Amares.

1989/94 – “Bom Jesus” House, Braga.

1990/94 – Department of Geosciences of the University of Aveiro.

1990/93 – House in Maia.

1990/93 – House in Baião.

1991/95 – House in Tavira, Algarve

1991 – Business District – Office buildings and shopping gallery, Av.Boavista, Porto.

1991/98 – House in Moledo, Caminha.

1992/95 – Residential Block, Rua do Teatro, Porto.

1992/01 – Auditorium and Children’s Library of the Porto Public Library.

1993/04 – Refurbishing and Recovery of the Grão Vasco Museum, Viseu.

1993/99 – Patio house in Matosinhos.

1993 – Conversion of the Porto Customs Building in the Transport and Communications Museum.

1994/02 – House in Serra da Arrábida.

1994/02 – House in Cascais.

1994/01 – Three residential buildings in Praça de Liége, Porto.

1995 – Detailed plan of the new Centro Direccional of the City of Maia.

1995 – Conversion of the Faixa Marginal of Matosinhos Sul.

1995/98 – Portugal Pavilion – Expo’98, Lisbon, content project.

1996/97 – Interior Design project for the Pousada de Santa Maria do Bouro, Amares.

1997/99 – Interior Design project for the “Armazéns do Chiado”, Lisbon.

1997/01 – Portuguese Photography Centre, Cadeira da Relação do Porto Building, Porto.

1997 – Porto Metro Architecture Project, Porto.

1997/01 – Collective Housing Project, City of Maia.

1997/01 – Braga Market – Refurbishment.

1998/99 – “Silo” gallery in Norteshopping, Matosinhos.

1998/03 – Manoel de Oliveira Cinema House, Porto

1999/00 – Co-designer of the Portugal pavilion project for the Hannover Expo together with the architect Siza Vieira.

2000/03 – Braga Stadium – Euro 2004 Braga.

P.S. – The dates indicate the start and end of the projects.

Designation: “Paula Rêgo Casa das Histórias”

Location: Avenida da República – Cascais

Date(s) of construction: 2008 – 2009

Project date(s): 2005 – 2008

Client: Cascais City Council

Architect: Eduardo Souto de Moura

Collaborators: Sérgio Koch, Ricardo Prata, Bernardo Monteiro, Diogo Guimarães, Junko Imamura, Paula Mesquita, Kirstin Schätzel, Manuel Vasconcelos, Maria Luís Barros, Pedro Oliveira, Rita Alves, Sofia Pereira, Susana Monteiro.

Specialized Projects: Engº. Estruturas – AFAconsult, Engº Hidráulicas – AFAconsult, Engº. Electricidade – RS – Raul Serafim e associados, Engº.Inst.Mecânicas – PQF – Paulo Queirós de Faria, Arq. Paisagista – Daniel Monteiro

Construction area: 2650 m2

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