Administrative Building and Showroom “Viriato – Hotel Concept”
Nuno Brandão Costa, architect
Rebordosa (Paredes)

Further information

The Jury awarded the Secil Architecture Prize 2008 to the “Móveis Viriato” Administrative Building and Showroom in Rebordosa (Paredes), designed by the architect Nuno Brandão Costa. This prize, widely recognized as the benchmark Portuguese Architecture Award, recognizes the most significant architectural solution applied in the two-year period to which it relates.

The Jury of the Secil Architecture Award 2008 selected the Viriato Building in Rebordosa, designed by the architect Nuno Brandão Costa from a group of 12 works of exemplary architectural quality.

The Juri’s selection seeks to emphasize two important aspects for contemporary professional practice: disciplinary, meeting standards of construction and design rigour in the work in question; social and public aspects – by addressing a business project that is not always delivered to architects. The Jury would like to underline the fact that the prize-winning building is sited in a lower classified industrial landscape but demonstrates the ability of architecture to transform its surroundings, one of its founding principles.

As a final comment, the jury is pleased that this was a private commission, so it strengthens the public role of this type of initiative and its social responsibility in recent landscape transformations.

The architect, Nuno Brandão Costa, was born on 17 February, 1970, in Porto. He joined the Architecture course in academic year 1988/89, in the Faculty of Architecture of the University of Porto (FAUP) and graduated in July 1994.

During his degree, between 1992 and 1993, he completed in-service training at the offices of “Herzog & de Meuron, archiktekten” in Basel, Switzerland.

Among other awards, he won the “Jornal Expresso / SIC – 12 anos” revelation and merit Prize, in November 2004 and was a Finalist in the Jornal Construir 2007 awards, in June 2008.

Among his many design works, he is recognized for his projects for the Local Authorities of Matosinhos and Caminha and for the Vice-Chancellor’s Suite of the University of Porto, the Local Authority of Vendas Novas, several collective and single-family residential buildings. He has also worked on several refurbishment projects.

Descriptive Report

The land for the new build was very small and led to two immediate functional problems: The huge loss of parking area and the difficulty of manoeuvring the many lorries that drive into the factory every day.

These two issues led to the definition of an idea for the new building: Lift it from the ground so as not to lose parking and build a thin block to take away the minimum area of mechanical manoeuvre of the land.

So, a “table” was built in exposed concrete, with “feet” comprising the entrances. A first structure, towed and placed on this table, connects to the factory and is finished by a huge picture window, looking out over the street and advertising “VIRIATO”.

A second detached block stands near the factory, of a lighter colour and splitting the entire length of the 25 metre span, a continuous window for the offices. An exposed iron profile secures the window structure and provides the cornice of the composition.

Client: “Móveis Viriato”

Location: Rebordosa, Paredes

Architecture: Nuno Brandão Costa

Collaboration: Marta Reis, Inês Pimentel

Architecture design date: 07.2005 – 06.2006.

Foundations and structures: Marta Gameiro, Engineer (Gesbau, engenharia & gestão, lda + Gravidade, engenheiros, lda)

Hydraulic equipment and systems: Vitor Serpa (Gesbau)

Mechanical equipment and systems: Raul Bessa (GET)

Electrical equipment and installations, security and information: Maria da Luz (RS, associates)

Lettering design: Miguel Palmeiro

Builder: S Pintos, Engenharia e Construção, S.A.

Date of construction: 2007

Photography: Arménio Teixeira

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