Casa Pacheco de Melo, S. Vicente Ferreira
Pedro Maurício Borges, Architect
S. Miguel, Azores

Further information

This work was commissioned by João Pacheco and Florinda Melo, its owners, in 1992, when its design began. The work was completed in 2001.

The members of the jury that year included the Architects Victor Figueiredo as President; Álvaro Siza Vieira, SECIL representative; Michel Toussaint as a representative of the Order of Architects; Manuel Mendes, as a representative of the Ministry of Culture; Armindo Alves Costa, representing the National Association of Portuguese Municipalities and Ana Vaz Milheiro as the representative of AICA.

Ten years after the launch of this initiative, SECIL was once again involved in the jury’s decision and hoped to continue to contribute to highlighting national architects and their works, while assuming its social responsibility as a promoter of what is considered the most prestigious award in architecture in Portugal.

He was born on 17 May 1963 in Lisbon.

Before university he lived in Figueira da Foz.

1986 – He graduated in Architecture at the Faculty of Architecture of the Technical University of Lisbon.

As a student he worked at the architects’ firm of Gabriela Tomé, in Lisbon.

1986-1988 – He started work in the Housing Division of the Regional Department of Social Provision, S. Miguel, Azores.

1988 – Revelation Ex-aequo Award in the “National Architecture Awards, First Works, 1988”, with the extension of the pavilions of the Regional Department of Agriculture and Fisheries for the “Azores 1988” fair, in Santana, Rabo de Peixe.

1988-1993 – He worked at the firm of the architect João Luís Sousa Meneses, “Bugio, Lda”.

1993 – He started a firm with the architects Paulo Fonseca and Miguel Figueira, in Lisbon.

1997 – Miguel Figueira left the company and Armando Rabaça was recruited.

1991 – He started to work as a lecturer in the Department of Architecture in the Faculty of Science and Technology of the University of Coimbra.

1991 and 1998 – Assistant lecturer on the course “Introduction to Architecture/Design I” under the auspices of the architect Raúl Hestnes Ferreira.

1998 – Scientific Aptitude and Teaching Ability Tests under the theme “Place in Modernity” in 1998.

Since 1999 he has been an assistant on “Projecto III” under the supervision of the architects Vitor Figueiredo e José Gigante.

Context: The land, bordered by high dry stone walls, is located in S. Vicente Ferreira, to the west of Canada dos Barões. The site is accessed over a longitudinal strip, orthogonal to Canada, at a lower level than the platform of the higher area on the south side, with drainage flowing to the bottom in a third plot sloping to the west.

From here the araucaria in the central square of St. Vincent can be seen against the mountainous backdrop of the island. To the north a wooded area conceals the sea, giving a sense of the proximity of the conurbation. To the west, above the boundary wall, the view extends, uninterrupted, to the far distance. To the south, meadows rise gently, bounded by stone walls, punctuated by the odd tree, until they rise up into two hills that indicate the “middle” of the island, and through which the road from the other side of the island passes. The land is empty and is divided into three platforms at different heights.

Design: The house is built at the meeting point of the three platforms. The garage was built on the existing access strip; next to it the living rooms and kitchen are located on the west-facing platform of the valley divided into meadows up to the mountainsides beyond Capelas which plunge into the sea; the highest platform has the bedrooms. The three blocks, joined at different levels, are covered by a single slope. The roof spreads out towards the east, enabling a mezzanine to be constructed over the interior and breaking outside into a viewpoint that, returning the gaze to the site entrance, shelters the main door below.

Builder: Primitivo Borges – Marques, Lda, António Negrão – Estúdio Verde, Lda

Winner of the Work: Pedro Maurício Borges, Casa Pacheco de Melo, S. Vicente Ferreira, S.Miguel, Açores.

Client: João Pacheco de Melo and Florinda Melo

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