Employee health and safety as a priority

Secil Group considers health and safety fundamental values that must be safeguarded in all activities.


Therefore, all our employees receive regular training to carry out their duties in the safest possible way.

Results achieved
Safety Roadmap

Since 2017, the Secil Group has executed a Safety Roadmap in all geographies where it is present. This is a global and transversal tool, which unifies the group's strategy concerning health and safety at work.


Each country has its roadmap with actions common to the group and specific to the location, responsible for their execution.

Main goals of Secil's Safety Roadmap

Ensure and disseminatee

that matters related to Occupational Safety and Health are a priority for the installation and implementation systemically.


communication and dissemination of security issues.


the responsibilities of managers and supervisors regarding Occupational Safety and Health.


safety rules and procedures for the various operational activities, namely for key activities.


and implement technical tools for risk analysis.


skills to employees in the Safety area through technical and behavioural training.

Internal initiative

Leading with Safety Programme


The project began with ten employees from different areas and geographies, through a programme aimed at enabling the participants to carry out training sessions on "Safety Leadership". In the end, 30 employees were trained, as our Safety Ambassadors.


These Ambassadors were responsible for sessions held in all countries, where they overcame the challenge of transmitting the behavioural side of safety.

Safety Ambassadors
  • 30
  • 45 sessions
    21 in Portugal, 2 in Angola, 9 in Brazil, 7 in Lebanon and 7 in Tunisia
  • 560
    Employees involved