The aim of this subproject is to develop a low carbon clinker by modifying its mineralogy in order to reach an effective reduction of CO2 emissions of around 15% compared to the current figures. A new grate cooler will have to be developed by altering the current satellites on line 9 at Secil Outão. This new technology allows the co-processing of silicate materials, which can be natural or from latent hydraulic waste and with the potential for thermal activation. The improvement of the clinker cooling conditions, which will be achieved by thermal exchange with room temperature material, increases production without an additional consumption of fuel or dedicated material.

With the production of this new low carbon clinker, a new range of cements will be developed, minimising negative impacts on product performance. Production of a new range of products with a lower ecological footprint from the co-processing of clay materials or silico-aluminous waste to respond to the needs of a more circular economy.


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