Inauguration of Microalgae Production Unit

On 25 October, Secil celebrated the start of microalgae production on an industrial scale at the Cibra-Pataias plant. For Gonçalo Salazar Leite, CEO at Secil, this is a project that “shapes ideas” and is “one of the possible paths to the future and the sustainability of economic activity in our country.”

The Algafarm project represents an investment of 15 million euros over the last 9 years and was developed to use microalgae to sequester and mitigate the CO2 resulting from the cement production process.
Currently, this production unit is the largest in the world and “generates an interesting process for the use of microalgae for industrial purposes, for cosmetics, fossil fuel substitution and, in time, for animal and human food”, said Gonçalo Salazar Leite.
The opening ceremony of the Algafarm facilities was attended by the Minister of Economy, Manuel Caldeira Cabral, who stressed the significance of this project in that “it is one of the biggest biotechnology projects in Portugal that looks to the market” where “the idea of cooperation between universities and the industry is able to create new products with market value, while ensuring the competitiveness of Secil in a sustainable manner”.
The final stage of the project should be completed in 2019, and provides for the performance of tests with various species of microalgae, together with an increase in production up to 50 hectares.