Secil-Outão Plant Sustainability and Innovation Day

Secil’s contribution in 2015 of 44 million euros to the GDP in the Setúbal region was one of the most important findings of the study conducted by the consultancy firm KPMG on the social and economic impact of the Outão plant, presented yesterday on the Sustainability and Innovation Day, in Setúbal.

The old coal hangar was the venue chosen to host this event which was attended by about a hundred company staff and the members of the media.

The opening address by Mr Gonçalo Salazar Leite, who spoke about the topics on the agenda, was followed by a presentation by Jonas Hoffmann, a consultant, university professor and trainer, and a prestigious speaker on matters of Innovation and Strategy, with wide experience in Europe, the United States, China and Brazil.

The 672 jobs created in the Setúbal Peninsula, the donations amounting to 191,000 euros given to the surrounding community and the 16 million euros spent on local suppliers were further 2015 indicators revealed by the KPMG study, demonstrating the decisive contribution of the Outão plant to the region’s economic and social dynamism.