Secil – Cotec Day

On 4 July last, another edition was held of the COTEC Members’ Day, the Business Association for Innovation, this time dedicated to the SECIL Group and its growing investment in innovation.

The Secil-Outão Plant was the venue chosen to host this open day which was attended by more than 60 participants from COTEC’s 40 subsidiaries. Mr Gonçalo Salazar Leite introduced the group and its vision, and also described the steps taken in terms of innovation.

While the replacement of two vertical furnaces with two horizontal rotary furnaces in 1930 was the first of such steps, today’s sustainable production of cement and the advances made in mortar and concrete products confirm our ongoing concern for linking production to sustainable practices and the protection of the environment.

“For SECIL, innovation is key to standing out in an increasingly competitive market. The cooperation networks with other companies and research institutions help us build innovative solutions in our processes and products, improving the performance of everyone involved”, Gonçalo Salazar Leite said. “The SECIL – COTEC Day was an excellent opportunity to show a number of results from SECIL’s innovation effort and to establish new links for the future.”

Business cooperation is one of COTEC’s and its associates’ cornerstones, as Jorge Portugal, General Manager of the association, said. “COTEC is in the business of building bridges between companies, with cooperation as the main ingredient of innovation. Cooperation at the level of human resources, knowledge and technical support. Cooperation will always help to step up innovation to address the daily challenges of our companies”. With this mission in mind, the participants were allowed to introduce their companies and put forward ideas for cooperation between institutions.