Sheltering, protecting and uniting people

Secil is committed to Sustainability, seeking to make its economic performance compatible with environmental respect and responsible citizenship.


The response to global climate change involves reducing the carbon intensity of production, the circular economy and the promotion of biodiversity, challenges which we accept and will overcome with the continued creation of economic value in a context of globalisation. In the communities where we operate, we aim to exceed and integrate the expectations of our stakeholders.


Secil is part of international institutions and partnerships which also assume this same commitment, achievable through the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.


Our Sustainability Policy defines our objectives and prioritises our actions to contribute to a better life on a planet for all humanity.

  • Economic and financial

    We create value for our shareholders, customers, employees, suppliers, and other partners. We strive for profitability and financial balance in our operations to ensure the continuity and development of the business.
  • Social

    We enrich the communities where we operate through job creation, local hiring, and community involvement. We invest in talent, equal opportunities, and the diversity of our employees, promoting merit and fair and equitable remuneration.
  • Saúde e Segurança

    We believe that Health and Safety are fundamental values integrated into all our activities. We ensure the means of protection and prevention for all employees, fostering a culture of Health and Safety. We are committed to ZERO harm to our employees, contractors, and communities.
  • Environmental

    We make responsible use of natural resources and energy, promoting circularity throughout the life cycle of products. We aim for carbon neutrality by using alternative fuels, secondary raw materials and the development of low carbon products and solutions. We promote the vitality and balance of the ecosystems where we operate and landscape recovery, protecting biodiversity.
  • Product and Innovation

    We continually innovate with new manufacturing and management processes, creating safe solutions and quality products that create more value for the Company, the Client, and the Society. We value the application of the best production and control technologies, aiming for more efficient and cleaner production.
  • Management System

    Secil has a single Management System, integrating the various Management Systems existing in the Group, to organise and enhance the Quality, Environment and Safety services. To achieve this, it was necessary to establish identical management dynamics and cycles and consolidate and integrate methodologies, tools, and practices, so that there is only one policy, one manual, one map of processes and a single management structure.

Know other values that drive us

Secil Group's Mission, Vision, Values and Code of Conduct constitute our identity. It is what makes us unique, what sets us apart and shapes our culture.