Committed to the future

The Sustainable Development Goals, established by the United Nations, define global priorities and aspirations for 2030 and require worldwide action by governments, companies and civil society to eradicate poverty, reduce social and gender inequalities and combat climate change.


In line with the other companies in the Semapa Group, which includes the Secil Group, we have identified seven priority and aspirational Sustainable Development Goals which we have integrated into our business agenda and to which we seek to respond with concrete initiatives across the Group.

Priority goals
Decent work and economic growth


We are a benchmark employer internationally, focusing on value creation, providing decent work and emphasising safety, training and respect for fairness. We create programmes covering topics such as leadership and behavioural safety, as well as creating safety roadmaps for all the countries where we are present.

Sustainable production and consumption

The Secil Group has environmental impacts in its production processes, which are mitigated and controlled with our environmental management policies and systems. We are focused on efficiency in the consumption of resources and the promotion of the circular economy. We have therefore acted in various areas of production, namely with the use of alternative fuels and more sustainable raw materials.

Climate action

We are aware of our impact in terms of CO2 emissions and, therefore, we are committed to contributing to minimising climate change. Accordingly, we have launched a set of actions aimed at reducing our carbon footprint and we are committed to producing cement with less clinker and concrete with less cement.

Aspirational goals
Quality Health

We care about the health and well-being of our employees, promoting specific policies and programmes in these areas. This includes the training and qualification of drivers that we carry out in Lebanon or occupational health programmes and various campaigns in the area of health and well-being.

Quality education

We take responsibility for promoting the personal and professional development of our employees, as well as attracting and retaining new talent. To this end, we support education campaigns in countries such as Lebanon, Tunisia and Angola, we encourage research in universities through the Secil Prize and we open the doors of our factories to study visits.

Industry, innovation and infrastructures

Secil Group companies operate in value chains with a strong local economic impact and in areas which are structural to society. They offer resilient solutions and products and invest in R&D, seeking to respond to future challenges. In this context, we have also supported the development of infrastructure in countries such as Tunisia and Angola, we have donated computers and other technologies to social projects, and we have promoted the Secil Innovation Award.

Instrumental goals
Partnerships for goal implementation


The Secil Group interacts with multiple civil society groups and many actions have been established which have promoted the improvement of its performance. Membership of environmental monitoring committees, partnerships with professional associations, support for NGOs and IPSSs, or the relationship with local governments are just some examples of cooperation.

Secil innovation projects

Innovation is at the heart of the Secil Group's strategy, paving the way for the challenges of the future. With it, we want to achieve more sustainable pr