A path for the entire Group

The Secil Group began an internal process to establish objectives and targets to reduce the impact of its activity on the environment, communities and people.


There are ten commitments which we intend to fulfil by 2020-2030 and whose targets we are defining based on the commitments of the different countries where we are located.


This roadmap to a more sustainable future meets not only the issues considered fundamental by our stakeholders but also the commitments established by the Global Cement and Concrete Association (GCCA) and the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) of the United Nations.

10 commitments until 2030

  • Apply GCCA guidelines for best safety practices.
  • Promote the sharing of best practices in health and wellbeing.
  • GCCA Pillars: Health and Safety
  • SDGs: Health and quality; Decent work and economic growth
  • Define a strategy to mitigate climate change, with the publication of concrete milestones and their evolution.
  • GCCA PillarsClimate Change and Energy
  • SDGsClimate action


  • Implement the Environment and Nature guidelines.
  • Set reduction targets for emissions and publish their progress.
  • GCCA Pillars: Environment and Nature
  • SDGs: Protect Earth Life; Industry, Innovation and Infrastructure; Climate Action


  • Promote circular economy principles in the value chain.
  • Implement the guidelines for the use of fuels and raw materials in cement production.
  • GCCA Pillars: Circular economy
  • SDGs: Industry, innovation and infrastructure; Sustainable production and consumption; Renewable and affordable energy


  • Publish a Code of Conduct that integrates international human rights principles.
  • Apply social impact assessment guidelines.
  • sh a systematic dialogue process with stakeholders.
  • GCCA Pillars: Social Responsibility
  • SDGs: Decent work and economic growth; Reducing inequalities; Partnerships for the implementation of the objectives

Secil innovation projects

Innovation is at the heart of the Secil Group's strategy, paving the way for the challenges of the future. With it, we want to achieve more sustainable pr