We create value with sustainability

Climate change is a reality, and the Secil Group is aware of its role in responding to this major global challenge. The reduction in the carbon intensity of production, the circular economy and the protection of biodiversity are just some of the international objectives that we accept and whose solutions we have begun to implement in the countries where we operate.


These challenges, combined with the close relationship with communities, our stakeholders and institutional institutions and partners, strengthen our intention and are the basis of our Sustainability Policy and the priority areas that we have outlined for our actions.

Secil Group's priority areas

Our Sustainability Policy defines our objectives and prioritises our actions to contribute to a better future for all. It is based on areas that we consider priorities and that we are beginning to bear in mind in our actions as a group.

  • We enrich the communities where we operate through job creation, local hiring and community involvement.
  • We invest in the talent, equal opportunities and diversity of our employees, promoting equality.

Health and Safety
  • We believe that Health and Safety are fundamental values integrated into all our activities.
  • We ensure the means of protection and prevention for all employees, fostering a culture of Health and Safety.
  • We are committed to ZERO harm to our employees, contractors and the communities where we operate.

  • We make responsible use of natural resources and energy, promoting circularity throughout the life cycle of products.
  • We aim for carbon neutrality by using alternative fuels, secondary raw materials and the development of low carbon products and solutions.
  • We promote the vitality and balance of the ecosystems where we operate and landscape recovery, protecting biodiversity.

Product and innovation
  • We continually innovate with new manufacturing and management processes, creating safe solutions and quality products that create more value for the Company, the Client and Society.
  • We value the application of the best production and control technologies, aiming at a more efficient and cleaner production.

  • We create value for our shareholders, customers, employees, suppliers and other partners.
  • We seek profitability and financial equilibrium in our operations, to ensure the continuity and development of the business.
  • How are we managing sustainability?

    The reflection of our activity on the environment and society, as well as our performance as a group, are challenges that we are always aware of. We intend to respond to them through the relationship with our stakeholders and the best corporate governance practices.
  • Governance

    We are committed to ensuring high ethical standards in management, as well as adopting the best governance practices, generating a positive impact on our stability and growth as a group.
  • Our stakeholders

    The way we relate to the groups that are impacted by our activity is the key to the Secil Group's success. Understanding the importance of these stakeholders to our business, we seek to foster an open dialogue, listening to them and involving them in the decision-making process. We believe that together we can achieve better solutions for all.


Fostering communication among the various Environment areas

The Environmental Channel aims to promote learning and knowledge sharing between the various environmental departments of the Secil Group companies.


Through this channel and the joint work done by the various Environmental Liaison Officers of the group, it is possible to monitor the main environmental actions of the Secil cement factories, identify synergies and strengthen teamwork.

  • Sustainable Development Goals

    Secil Group has identified seven of these goals as priorities and seeks to respond to them with initiatives to be implemented throughout the structure.
  • Commitments 2020-2030

    Following the GCCA guidelines, Secil Group has established a roadmap of ten commitments to be achieved by 2030. With them, we intend to outline objectives and targets that lead to the reduction of the impact of our activity on the environment and the communities where we operate.
  • Secil's Sustainability Policy

    Our Sustainability Policy combines the actions of the Secil Group with the best environmental and citizenship values, so that together we can contribute to a better life on a planet for all mankind.