One Secil, One Community

Through Secil's Volunteering Policy, we intend, within our perspective of integration and social responsibility, to commit to supporting, creating and/or collaborating on volunteer projects in the geographical areas where we operate. We started the project "One Secil, One Community" with this aim.

With "One Secil, One Community" we want to...


the spirit of solidarity and sharing in our DNA;


the scope of our commitment and social responsibility;


a benchmark company in terms of solidarity;


a more diversified portfolio of causes;


cohesion and ties between employees;


the close connection with the community;


to the resolution and/or minimisation of existing problems in society;


the voluntary participation of employees.


Encouraging active and supportive participation


This initiative aims to promote the spirit of solidarity and entrepreneurship through participation and/or creation of actions in the social, environmental, cultural, educational or other areas and the promotion of sustainable development.


We support and encourage our employees who wish to volunteer more often, helping them to include this practice in their daily routine.

Our responsibilities

The Governance model of the Secil Volunteering Policy is ensured by the volunteer employees acting in the field or in the group that manages the initiatives. But in this great project, we all have a role to play.

  • makes available to Employees the same number of hours of their personal time, up to a maximum of 2 hours per week;
  • in cases where the voluntary action is carried out after working hours, the employee may use the hours the following day;
  • provides travel support and a meal allowance, following the internal rules;
  • provides a kit with identification material for volunteers.
The Employee:
  • assumes and signs the Secil Volunteer Commitments Letter;
  • performs his/her duties and the normal running of operations responsibly and professionally;
  • informs and articulates with the respective leadership the timetable defined for the practice of volunteering.

It is part of our mission

To shape ideas and responsible citizenship in our communities.

One Secil, One Community