Social responsibility as a priority

Secil Group, through the influence it exerts in the areas where it carries out its operations, promotes active participation in the adjacent Communities.


Apart from the economic impact in terms of job generation, we make a significant contribution to improving the well-being of the population and promote various initiatives whose objective is to support the development not only of communities but also of the places where we operate.

Investment in communities
  • 577 477€
  • 657 643€

Supporting the development of Maceira

A Financing and Collaboration Protocol was established between Secil Portugal (Maceira-Liz Factory) and the Parish of Maceira (Leiria), which involves donating construction materials (cement, concrete and precast) for works under the responsibility of the Parish Council.

Race between factories

Created to unite the Cibra-Pataias and Maceira-Liz factories, but mainly to create a connection between the two communities, this event had its first edition in 2019 and was attended by 500 athletes (professional and amateur).

Rampa Pêquêpê

In the 28th edition of the National Motor Racing Championship, the Arrábida Hillclimb was officially named Rampa Pêquêpê, in honour of Mr Pedro Queiroz Pereira, a reference shareholder of the Secil Group and famous Rally driver, who participated several times in this race in the 1980s.

Support for the Setubal Associative Movement

Since 2003 Secil, in the case of the Secil-Outão factory, supports the Associative Movement in the Municipality of Setúbal, financing, on an annual basis, a wide range of social solidarity, sports and cultural associations.

Green Festival

In May 2019 around 200 students were invited to participate in this initiative with the main objective of raising awareness about environmental protection, a partnership between Sibline and the Lebanese NGO "G". Students and teachers were able to enjoy a day filled with games, tree planting, science shows, and music, among others.

Car Free Arrábida

Secil Group decisively contributes to the implementation of the "Arrábida sem carros" Programme, which aims to create and maintain a safe, responsible, and environmentally favourable accessibility in the areas adjacent to the Secil-Outão Plant in Serra da Arrábida (Figueirinha, Creio, Galapos and Portinho).

Partnership Leigos para o Desenvolvimento

Secil Lobito, in partnership with the NGO Leigos para o Desenvolvimento, is participating in the construction of the new facilities of the "Children's Space" project, by supplying cement. This space functions as a reception centre for disadvantaged children and aims to educate, train, and integrate these children into society.

Awareness-raising initiatives

Sibline develops a Corporate Social Responsibility Plan aimed at promoting relationships with neighbouring villages. Under this programme, the company actively involves the community through activities, projects, and exhibitions.

School workshops and factory visits

To raise awareness among future generations, Sibline organised workshops in schools on the theme of healthy lifestyles. The company in Lebanon also carried out the construction of a new garden on its premises, for which it counted on the participation of schools in the planting of trees.

Secil Awards

We created the Secil Awards to recognise and encourage projects of excellence in the areas of Architecture and Civil Engineering.