Responding to social challenges

Secil Group assumes as one of its main responsibilities the welfare both of its employees and the communities where it operates.


For this reason, over recent decades it has worked to evaluate the social impacts of its activity, promoting countless initiatives that contemplate these two areas and strengthen social responsibility as a group.

  • Suppliers

    Our suppliers are key partners in our business and we want to establish a transparent and socially responsible relationship with them. With this code of conduct, we intend to create a relationship of proximity and trust, ensuring the highest performance models.
Environmental Monitoring Committees

The Environmental Monitoring Committees aim to monitor the environmental and social performance of Secil's factories, analyse the results and different activities, and inform society about them.


This initiative began in 2003 at the Outão plant in Portugal and was replicated at the Maceira-Liz plant three years later.


The internationalisation of the Environmental Monitoring Committee reached the Gabès plant, in Tunisia, in 2012, and, in 2015, in the city of Adrianópolis, in Brazil.