Protecting the environment

We are focused on mitigating the impacts of our activity and, to this end, we have adopted a series of measures to reduce these effects.


These are projects which aim to reduce our environmental footprint and seek to increase our energy efficiency, as well as the responsible use and management of water.


We are also working on the integration of the circular economy in our value chain and on the maintenance of ecosystems and biodiversity in the areas where we operate.

  • Decarbonisation in the Secil Group

    We have developed a set of projects aimed at minimising our carbon footprint.
  • Climate change and energy

    We invest in reducing our CO₂ emissions through gains in thermal and electrical efficiency, among other measures.
  • Atmospheric emissions

    We are committed to controlling and reducing the emission of atmospheric pollutants through various investments.
  • Water use and management

    We intend to implement measures in all our units that will make them more efficient in managing this essential resource.
  • Biodiversity and ecosystems

    We have been developing strategies to reduce the impact of our activity on biodiversity.
  • Circular economy

    We are implementing new guidelines for the use of fuels and new raw materials in our production.

Secil innovation projects

Innovation is at the heart of Secil Group's strategy, paving the way for future challenges and aiming for more sustainable processes and products.