Secil-Outão plant is awarded the bronze certification from the Concrete Sustainability Council (CSC)

Secil-Outão plant has received the bronze certification from the Concrete Sustainability Council (CSC). After an evaluation that verified sustainable action regarding its financial and environmental management, as well as its social and economical impact, the plant received a total score of 65.88 points, with a partial score of 93.33 points regarding social responsibility.


This certification is in line with Secil’s commitment of following international tendencies and guidelines regarding sustainability.


According to Secil’s CEO, Otmar Hübscher, “It’s with a great sense of pride that Secil sees one of its facilities being recognized by its level of maturity regarding sustainability. This certification is a result of an ongoing work, that started years ago; it’s a staple of how we, as an organization, have included sustainability in all levels of management.”


The Concrete Sustainability Council (CSC) promotes the responsible production of concrete, certifying the industrial facilities that act in a sustainable way. With the objective of showing and demonstrating concrete’s capabilities as the building material of a greener future, CSC promotes a global certification system, that includes the production of cement, the supplying of aggregates and concrete production.