A consolidated position

Secil is a business group founded in Portugal whose activity is based on the production and sale of cement, concrete, aggregates, mortars and hydraulic lime. It also integrates companies that operate in complementary areas in the circular economy, in the use of waste as a source of energy and in the production of microalgae.


The Secil Group has consolidated itself in Portugal, where it comes from, and has expanded in the last two decades to other markets. It currently operates three cement factories in Portugal (Outão, Maceira and Pataias) and is present abroad in Angola, Tunisia, Lebanon, Cape Verde, Spain, the Netherlands and Brazil.

Through eight cement factories and presence in eight countries and four continents, the Secil Group guarantees an annual cement production capacity of over 9.75 million tons.


Semapa, holder of the entire share capital of Secil, is a holding company listed on Euronext Lisbon, integrating the PSI, and its majority shareholder is the Queiroz Pereira family, with strong traditions in Portuguese industrial and financial activities.

The Secil Group in numbers
  • 4 continents
    Europe, Africa, Asia and South America
  • 8 countries
    Portugal, Angola, Cape Verde, Tunisia, Lebanon, Brazil, Spain and the Netherlands
  • 8 factories
    Portugal, Tunisia, Lebanon, Angola and Brazil
  • 9.75 M ton
    Annual production capacity
  • 496 M €
    Turnover in 2021

A history of almost 100 years

From the foundation in 1904, to the opening of new factories and the entry into several international markets, our path is the history of the development