• Secil Group

    The Secil Group produces and sells cement, concrete, aggregates, mortars and hydraulic lime, and is also in other complementary areas of the circular economy. Present in eight countries and four continents, we guarantee an annual cement manufacturing capacity which makes us one of the main producers in the cement industry.
  • The Secil culture

    We have redefined our culture through the standardization of our mission across the group, associated with a strategic program to recover profitability, which integrates the pillars of sustainability, social, environmental and economic, based on responsible governance.
  • Our History

    Since the foundation in 1904, to the opening of new factories and the entry into several international markets, our history has almost 100 years of development in the cement industrial sector.

We create value with sustainability

We seek to respond to today's challenges with clear commitments and investing in the development of processes, people and more sustainable products.