Secil is a business Group whose activity is based on the production and sale of cement, ready-mixed concrete, aggregates, mortars, prefabricated concrete structures and hydraulic lime. It also includes other companies operating in complementary areas such as the development of solutions in the field of environmental protection and the use of waste as an energy source.

The Secil group is consolidated in Portugal, where it originated, and has expanded over the past two decades to other markets. It currently operates three cement plants in Portugal (Outão, Maceira and Cibra) and is present abroad in Angola, Tunisia, Lebanon, Cape Verde, the Netherlands and Brazil.

Through its eight cement plants and its presence in seven countries on four continents, the Secil Group guarantees an annual capacity of cement production of over nine million tonnes.

Semapa, which is the owner of the entire share capital of Secil, is a holding company listed on Euronext Lisboa, and part of the PSI 20, whose majority shareholder is the Queiroz Pereira family, with strong traditions in Portuguese industrial and financial activities.

This industrial group operates in the areas of forestry, pulp, energy, paper, the environment and cement and holds the majority of The Navigator Company (formerly Portucel Soporcel), Europe’s largest producer of bleached eucalyptus pulp and the world leader in uncoated white paper and ETSA, a waste management company engaged in the collection, storage and treatment of animal by-products.


We are an international company of cement and building materials, aimed at creating Value for the benefit of the company’s stakeholders. We utilize resources in a sustainable way, offering high quality and innovative products, through the excellence of our employees and respecting the communities in which we operate.


We aim to extend our impact to new geographies and markets, offering sustainable construction   products and solutions, creating an environment built to benefit and improve society’s quality of life.



  • Demonstrating competence, focusing on the permanent search for quality in what we offer and rigour in our business performance.
  • Operational efficiency through optimization of the use of human, financial and natural resources.
  • Being attentive to the social and environmental impact of our business in the markets where we operate.


  • Acting with integrity, in accordance with principles of ethics and transparency.
  • Being credible and reliable by assuming and meeting commitments to customers, shareholders, employees and the community.
  • Assuming the commitment to share knowledge, experience and good practice, which all enhance the value of the Group.

Trust and Collaboration

  • Create trust in all interactions by acting proactively, transparently and meeting expectations, by ensuring that we do what we say.
  • Developing close relationships that empower cooperation and value creation, internally and in the community and celebrating victories achieved collectively.
  • Accepting the individuality and diversity of others and the communities in which we operate.


  • Anticipating future needs and recognising opportunities.
  • Developing know-how for innovation in all areas.
  • Creating value through curiosity, ambition and initiative and through differentiation, by giving form to ideas.
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